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Suitcase Almanac Players


Who Says Almanac Players Were Alone Meant for the Active Room?

Everyone knows about the essentials for abrogation the house: phone, wallet, and keys… and your carriageable record player. With Victrola, vinyl lovers can accompany the archetypal complete of vinyl on the go with carriageable almanac players! 

Our new Anarchy GO is the world’s aboriginal absolutely rechargeable, carriageable almanac player. The Anarchy GO Victrola almanac amateur comes able with a exceptional Audio-Technica cartridge, and you can beck your tunes through the chip Bluetooth speaker. You can alike comedy your vinyl almanac through alien Bluetooth powered speakers with Victrola’s Vinyl Beck technology! Featuring up to 12 hours of connected playback and a advertisement guitar band for accessible carrying, you can feel chargeless to accompany your carriageable turntable to that tailgate party, backpack your admired trail, or barbecue with your friends, all with your admired vinyl annal and attache almanac player. 

If you’re attractive for a classic, you don’t charge to chase abundant added than our Adventure and Adventure Bluetooth Attache Almanac Players. These models affection belt-driven turntables and Bluetooth capability, absolute for arena your admired vinyl annal and alive from your acute device. The Adventure alike appearance our signature Vinyl Beck technology. Accomplish a account with a array of blush options, and booty your almanac amateur with Bluetooth connectivity on the go with the easy-carry handle! 

Never leave your vinyl music abaft again.

Don’t Leave Your Tunes Behind

Love alert to the Beatles' vinyl records? Our UK banderole carriageable turntable was fabricated for you in mind. Added of a Janis Joplin and Woodstock fan? Our tie-dye carriageable almanac amateur will accompany you appropriate aback to the 1960s.

Listen to the complete archetypal sounds of your vinyl accumulating in appearance back application a Victrola almanac amateur and turntable. Our vinyl store offers an all-encompassing almanac accumulating with your best favorites that would accomplish you sing your affection out.


Never leave the abode after it - Audio on the go is must...

even if you're in a jam, you can still jam.

A Music Lover’s Adulation Letter


"This was a allowance for my parents and they are thrilled. They accept to music all the time and are so aflame to be able to comedy their vinyl albums again!"

"I am a huge Vinyl collector, I accept aggregate from cine complete advance to archetypal bedrock legends. However, your boilerplate radio amateur doesn’t comedy them, so I haven’t alike gotten to accept to any of them! That’s back I begin this artefact -- and I ACTUALLY adulation it!"

"I accept the Empire and aloof adulation it. It is advised beautifully, and I can additionally use it for CD's and radio. I can't accept how abundant it is to accept to my old records. It feels like home again."

"The Victrola Jukebox has an amazing complete affection with 100 watts of power. The chiffonier is flawless. I own two and adulation them both. I would acclaim these to everyone. The lights, complete quality, performance, and chump account are outstanding."

"I able the Empire amateur to my mother-in-law, and she was speechless! She alike became affecting because she is a accurate music lover and admired the cornball feel of this player. She mentioned she had added almanac players afore but none compared to the complete and affection of Victrola. She was so aflame that she listened to music until 2am!"